Activities for the
Younger Children

JESUS LOVES U illustration

Children learning to read find it fun to read a story where some words are replaced with little icons or graphics that stand for the words. This story is from an old children's tract that used this rebus story-telling method. Older ones will have fun reading the pictures, too. It is called, JESUS LOVES U. (a PDF printable file)

Grace to Endure Cube - illustration

Some things are hard for children to endure as they grow up. But God has promised us the Grace to Endure or bear up well and not give up. This activity to cut out, colour and fold to form a CUBE will help your child to count on Jesus for victory over troubles. Download, and print the one sheet on heavier paper for each child.

toilet paper penguin illustration

Toilet Paper Penguin - The weather outside may be frightful, but there are lots of fun ways to create lasting memories inside! Here is an idea for an easy winter craft to make a toilet paper penguin with your kids!

Bright Tree Advent Calendar

Bright Tree Advent Calendar Instructions to make this calendar, with 25 'Preparation and Waiting for Christmas' activities to make the time pass quickly, instead of waiting impatiently.

Sometime in November children begin to sense and learn about Christmas coming. We get all excited thinking that big day full of surprises is going to happen tomorrow - or maybe the day after. With this Bright Tree Advent Calendar you can prepare your heart and mind with good, Christian joy and anticipation, doing some practical activities to keep busy those 25 days of December until the big day arrives.

Brotherly Love drawing activity

Brotherly Love is a a simple activity where you circle the right pictures and draw your own. You may click the miniature of the page to see the full PDF version, which you can print out on your family printer.

Starry Advent Calendar

A Starry Advent Calendar - to Count the Days to Christmas. Click on the minature of this page to see and print out this full letter-page sized calendar. There are stars for each day in December until Christmas. Starting with star number 1, colour a star (or cover with a gummed star) as each day comes until Christmas Day. Save the big star for the 25th.

Faces of Perseverance - a simple activity for young children

Even a child must endure hard times sometimes. But the Bible tells us that if we have troubles we should trust Jesus to help us. If we do, we will grow stronger in faith. Have you had some times to learn this? Then you have something called Perseverance! That is good!

Click on the picture of the page, to open up the full-sized page, which you can print out and make copies. Draw lines to match the faces that look alike. Then colour the faces that appear to have learned perseverance. That means to be patient, and not give up when something is hard and discouraging.

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

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