Gospel Tracts for Children

Kids' Korner is a section on the WesternTractMission.org website. Yet another section is the Tracts section, and in it are some gospel tracts for children. Some of the tracts have printer-ready PDF files, so that you may print out and distribute them yourself. Here are direct links to those tracts.

All We Like Sheep (Cartoon edition here in Kids' Korner),
All We Like Sheep (in Tract section), and Printer-ready PDF

Am I Too Little?, Printer-ready PDF

A Child's Book of Bible Verses (tiny booklet), Printer-ready PDF

Can You Get the Wildness Out?, Printer-ready PDF

Love Joy Peace (a tiny booklet of verses)

From Fright to Freedom

What Scares You at Halloween?
    (or Are You Afraid of Cemeteries?) ~ Printer-ready PDF

An Answer for Danny About Heaven, Printer-ready PDF

God Loves You , Printer-ready PDF

New Life for Boys and Girls

Jesus Cares for You, Printer-ready PDF

Jesus Loves Eliza, Printer-ready PDF

Jesus Loves U, printer-ready PDF

Ruby's Question Ruby's Question , Printer-ready PDF

Silent Witness

Ken's Halloween Secret

Kelly's Question, Printer-ready PDF

Ready Now!

Ronnie and the Runaway Pony

Treasures from Jesus, Printer-ready side 1 and Printer-ready side 2

The Day the Twins Unpacked

The Stolen Bag

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

Best Friends 1 and 2Best Friends

This course has eight lessons for ages nine and ten. Each has a Bible lesson and an ongoing story about kids like you throughout about Steve and Maria who puts the lesson to practical use MORE

Explorers 1 and 2

Ideal lessons for those 9 -14 years of age, and those completing the Best Friends series. Each lesson has a puzzle, and deals with who is God, What is Jesus like, the resurrection of Jesus, soul winning, etc. MORE