Links to Other Online Activities
for Children

What is your favourite game on the computer?

Do you send emails and know how to look for answers on the Internet?

A few years ago there were 12 million kids in North America on the web between the ages of 2 and 11. That number keeps rising, so it is possible that you do not have any experience with computers, but chances are very high that you do go online often.

Hopefully your parents help you visit only safe web sites and to have good net-iquette (manners).

Here are some links we have collected for you that you may not have seen yet. Be sure your parents or a reliable adult are with you when you visit them for the first time.

Children's Bible Hour has lots of activities. You are able to listen to the radio programs and get the daily devotional booklets called Keys for Kids. It's free if you ask for it.

A mother and her little girl named Danielle, work together to provide lots of crafts and activities for children. Especially the pre-school age, and up. (Great for children's workers and VBS directors!)

King's Call - a free web adventure game (Presented by Children's Bible Hour)

Jake is a 15 year old with lots of Bible puzzles on his site.

Sarah's site is set up like a Day Camp for kids (and another for women) It has pretty pages and music and pictures of camp.

Remember: sometimes a site will have links to other sites that are not safe. It would be wise to have Christian filters on your computer to keep you from seeing things that could harm your mind. Email our web-servant for suggestions if you need them.

Here are links to pass on to your parents or Sunday School teachers;

Help US with our Kids' Korner Online!

Western Tract Mission has a Kids' Korner on our web site, too. Right here! The index page is (Bookmark it!) There are some puzzles and colouring pictures from previous Kids' Korner pages in Reflections. However, we would like to develop it more, to make it a great place to come often and have fun learning about Jesus.

This is your chance to let us know what you would like to see in our Kids' Korner! Have you got some favourite sites? Let us know!

Do you have a favourite kind of puzzle or activity? Maybe we can learn to make more of those-- but first you must tell us. Send the web-servant an email from our Contact Page with your ideas. You never know how much influence you might have!

There will be more ~~ also from our Mailbox Club lessons for kids.
This section of the web site is for you kids
to have fun and to learn about Jesus.

Jesus loves you and proved it
by giving up His life for you -
then He took up His life up again,
to show us how we may be perfect
and obedient just like Him!

Jesus loves to be with kids
and to teach them the secrets of the happy Christian life,
We like to work with Him to show you these things, too.

Please check back again to see how we are coming with the re-construction of this section.

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Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

Best Friends 1 and 2Best Friends

This course has eight lessons for ages nine and ten. Each has a Bible lesson and an ongoing story about kids like you throughout about Steve and Maria who puts the lesson to practical use MORE

Explorers 1 and 2

Ideal lessons for those 9 -14 years of age, and those completing the Best Friends series. Each lesson has a puzzle, and deals with who is God, What is Jesus like, the resurrection of Jesus, soul winning, etc. MORE


For those who have finished Explorers 2. Great for young teens or for adults who have completed 2 courses. Primarily for believers, teaching Christian Victory in a manner easily understood. MORE