Kids' Art

Lots of kids like to draw and paint pictures, but there are not that many places willing to show off the Kids' Art. We want to encourage our young friends by putting GOOD Kids' Art up on display here in our Kids' Korner.

As more art work is sent or brought in to us, this page will turn into an index with links to all those pages, but for now, we want to showcase our very first artists.

Kids from Hands On

Trina, age 13, shows us Kayla, the dog
Kayla, the dog, by Trina, age 13.

Trina shows us Kayla with her kitty friend, Charley, and a teddy bear
Kayla again, with her kitty friend, Charley - by Trina, age 13.

Kim, age 10, is thinking about spring with this tulip and the sun and a bunny face
Kim, age 10, is thinking about
spring with this tulip and the sun
and a bunny face.

Visitors, please note, these kids have their own copyright to their artwork. Do not steal the graphics of their art work. God will see you and deal with you, if you do that.

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

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