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A joke is a very short little story with a humorous twist at the ending. It may be a pun with words that sound alike but do NOT mean the same thing; sometimes the ending is a big surprise - it does not fit such a situation normally.

Riddles are questions with unexpected answers. Usually they are a play on the meaning of the words. The more trivia you know, the easier you can understand what makes them funny.

Have you ever tried to make up your own? It is a challenge that stretches your mind and makes it grow.

Kids always enjoy jokes and riddles, and it is easy to giggle and laugh. One danger is of slipping into some that are not so clean or that make fun of people, and even joke about things that we know are not right in God's sight. We hope that the jokes and riddles you find here will be of excellent humorous quality, and give you pleasure and build friendship bridges.

We will divide them into topics so you can click on the kind you like best. We'll add more category pages as we get more jokes and riddles. Want to send us some?

5 Rules to Become an Expert Joke-teller

  • 1. Find a few short and to the point jokes to make your own.
  • 2. Understand them, and practice telling them well.
  • 3. Give others a chance - tell too many and people lose interest.
  • 4. Jokes and riddles should be funny - not hurt anyone's feelings.
  • 5. Hold back your laugh until the end - don't spoil it for others.

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