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Proudly Canadian
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Impact Canada with the Gospel

Our goal is to impact all of Canada with a gospel message, reaching every home, knowing that an average of three people live at each mailing address.

We are now publishing large quantities of booklets with testimonies of salvation, so that they are equal to a number of tracts. The larger quantities we have printed, the less expensive the cost per booklet comes. Sending mass mailings through Canada Post is more economical too, when we work with larger numbers, as they give us more advantageous postage rates. Right now the cost of printing and mailing one booklet is just 25 cents, when part of this larger plan.

By this plan we covered the cities of Saskatchewan over the past two years, and are now working systematically through the postal codes of the smaller towns and rural areas. The printing company even sorts the booklets into postal code quantities, which completely eliminates the labour-intensive efforts of the tract clubs.

The Tract Clubs that wish to continue to meet and pray for this evangelistic thrust may certainly do so. Lots of prayer will only make the mailings more effective. Instead of stuffing envelopes however, they may wish to plan fund-raising efforts and send the monies in for the next area that is to receive the gospel booklets.

Any individual or family or group of people who have a desire to get the gospel out - while we still can - is welcome to participate by helping to bring in the funds for this most economical evangelistic crusade for our country, Canada. If you wish to personally do a distribution in your community, you may order the number of booklets you will need from our office for 25 cents a copy. However, contributing to our larger mass mailings makes the money go farther.

Each booklet encourages the reader to receive Christ, and also to write into Western Tract Mission for our Mailbox Club (Bible) lessons, so they can be followed up and taught God's Word. (However, the Mailbox Club has been turned over to Source of Light Ministries, Canada, in 2015, so all requests will be passed on to their office).

Do a Little Math

If it costs 25 cents to reach one home, and on average a home has three people living there, then $1 could reach 4 x 3 = 12 people.

A gift of $10 could reach 120 people!

A gift of $100 could reach 1,200 people!

And the follow-up is included too! Where else can you accomplish so much for such frugal but wise giving?

If you bring in a big name preacher, rent an arena, and do months of advertising and training, you will spend hundreds of thousands, and you will still miss many people who would never show their face there. At Western Tract Mission, we like this idea a lot!

How to Reach Us to Have a Part

1. The fastest digital way to make a donation is through this PayPal button. You may use any of six credit/debit cards, and we will be notified immediately. (However, PayPal takes a small percentage for their service).

2. You may mail us a check through regular postal services. Add a note to say it is for Impact Canada mailings. Use this address;
Impact Canada Ministries, Inc.,
3102 Laurier Dr,
Saskatoon, SK. S7L 5J7 Canada

3. Of course, you may drop by the office and deliver it in person. We are always happy to meet our supporting friends!

If you are not able to come, you can send us a quick email of encouragement using our Contact Form to reach us.

You may also wish to click on the booklet covers at the top of the page and read them for yourself. They will open as PDF files. You will need a PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader, but these are free software, easy to obtain.

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