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Stayin' In the Bible

Kenneth's Letters from Prison

(excerpts from letters to Bible Correspondence grader,
shared with Kenneth's permission)

July 17, 2007

Thanks for your congratulations. I noticed a few low scores, but I remembered that's not what's important. I do seek to learn more and more, and as much as possible.

I was almost arguing with an inmate just before I started to write. He asked me, what am I goin'a do with this knowledge of the Bible, being that I've got almost fifty certificates. I said that I hope that I can use it to calm the people like him. I just want to pass on what I know and hope to interest someone to lift up a Bible.

I'm that nobody that wants to tell everybody about somebody that can change anybody. I feel like that's what God would want.

This inmate also asked me, how come, when people get locked up, they grab the Bible and want to wear a cross around their neck; like that will help their sentence?

I went on to say that I can't answer for nobody but me, and it probably refers to others; I read the Bible 'cause I have the time to read and learn about God and His Son. I seek to know and grow and hopefully see what I've missed while I was out there in the world. I know I've been lifted, and if others put their heart into it, they can also be lifted. I'm not trying to be better than anybody, I just try to educate my mind - and lock it into my heart that I owe God 'cause He sent His Son to pay for something I was born into.

My mother asked me this past Saturday, "When are you going to be ordained?" That glow in her eyes made me see that she was proud of me.

I'm proud too, because I done this and 'cause I wanted to. Yes, I could have read novels or played cards, but I chose the Word. Many words are read in a novel, but there's only one Word read in the Bible.

My sister, she finally fell, but yet she tries. It's the stress over her son that's locked up. The one that's past, and the struggle of trying to fight off the devil. I pray for her, and I write my nephew every week. He might get out on house arrest this Thursday. Hopefully he does.

Well, I'm sorry for taking up your time, but it's good to talk to someone who cares. I look forward to my next lessons.

Please continue to pray for me, and my family as I'll do the same for you.

Yours in Christ,
Kenneth H.

August 7, 2007

Jesus was sent to spread the word of God to us. I feel as if I can convince just one person I've done plenty.

I was told yesterday that I stay in the Bible too much. I told him if I stayed that much I'd be a sleepy man.The Bible is where the truth is, and it's there for us all.

I had an experience Monday. This guy got out Sunday night. I got one of his mats 'cause he was on the floor. There you can have two; on the bunks you can only have one. I just told this young kid that I've been here twenty-two months and never had two mats. I said " my luck, they will shake us down tomorrow."

Okay, Saturday, no Monday come. We got a new innmate with only one mat. I was at the table doing a Bible study. Just didn't feel right, 'cause I had two mats. Some had three. They never offered to give one up.

Something told me to give up my extra mat. All looked at me like I was crazy. They already look at me like they don't like me 'cause I stay in my Bible, and I've always got something Biblical or good advice instead of acting their way.

I'd say about half an hour later, here come the shakedown. I just looked up and said, "Thank You, Jesus, God is Good." He let me know with that gut feeling to let that young man have that mat. I was pleased 'cause I'm considered the best inmate here and by my having two mats - it indicates I'm slipping.

Yours in Christ,
Kenneth H.

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