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Multitasking Missionary
& Business Woman!

Chapter 8 - of A Passion for Souls

Once my care-giving years were over and I had cleaned up my parents estate, miraculously, I found myself in a little wee green house in Saskatoon. A home-owner of all things! In 1999 I had started volunteering for Western Tract Mission, by building a website for them from home, and then became a Board member, and took on the layout of Reflections for printing each quarter. At my new time of changes, the people at Western Tract Mission made me a missionary so that friends and volunteers could contribute to my support and be receipted. Some have.

I was no longer able to be a Board member if I received monies through the WTM books, but the Board said they liked the way I took minutes, so they asked that I continue as secretary to the Board (instead of "of the Board"). I could still take part in discussions, and contribute reports, but not vote or make a motion.

My pledged support was not enough to live on, but I'd been thinking like a business woman back in Hague already, and decided to try to behave like one. My website building skills got me a couple of paying part-time client jobs. But once I know my course, I persevere!

When I told the Board of my dream of renting the three-room office suite upstairs for my business, hoping to offer small classes in computer training, they were very willing to let me get started right away. Refusing to go into debt and not being able to afford advertising, meant that my business grew very slowly. But I see now that I needed that time to shift my lifestyle, and integrate all my commitments.

I have taken on all kinds of responsibilities. My assignments for the mission have increased as I spend Monday through Friday in the office and become close to the other WTM missionaries.

I assigned certain evenings to each of my website clients, and tried to save some mornings to work on my own business sites. It seems that I am able to find a slot of time for every opportunity that comes along, but nothing moves forward in huge strides. I just make plodding progress on all fronts. However, I thoroughly enjoy my multitasking missionary and business woman lifestyle. I feel like the Lord has been preparing me all my life long for this stage. In little ways I am able to serve and bless many ministries.

Sometimes I wonder if God didn't allow the internet to be invented just for me! I enjoy connecting with people from all parts of the world via emails and the circus of over 20 websites that I build and maintain. (Some of them are on a 'back burner' for a while; they don't disappear if I'm not working on them constantly).

All the effort I had put into writing and re-writing my novel over the years now gives me the confidence to freely write web pages, articles, tracts, emails and whatever needs doing and without a lot of self-searching. That is fulfilling. The websites bring comments and responses from the contact forms that allow me to form new penpal-like relationships and often I'm mentoring, or advising someone about the Christian life, or writing or publishing - many things. That is especially fulfilling.

I seem to connect with people in third world countries who are running a small mission or ministry. Naturally, they are begging for funds to do their work. Others might brush them off, not wanting to be bothered by them, but I take time to show them some kindness, and soon have new friends. This has led to me offering to build a website for two of them. That adds to my load of ministry streams going on in my life.

When I was ready to find a new home church in the city, I visited a number of churches, then narrowed down my choices and decided that Erindale Alliance church would be my new church family. I have become involved in the ESL class during Sunday School hour, helping newcomers to Canada practice their English and making friends. The preaching is sound, Christ-focused, and many of my new church friends have a spiritual maturity, and a missions attitude that makes me feel like I'm really among my own kind!

At times I wonder what has become of my passion for soul-winning. Then I realize that as I have matured in my Christian walk, and discovered the importance of discipleship and growth in spiritual things, my concern has grown for others, not only that they be saved, but that they be taught and mentored, or discipled, in the Christian life.

From web design, (especially in SBI), I learned that we must bring passion and enthusiasm to our business site, or we won't persuade anyone to believe or buy what we are suggesting.

A new passion and longing has taken hold of me to make lots of money so that I can help out these poor ministries and friends. By helping others who are preaching the gospel and winning souls in many corners of the world, and some who are discipling and training others in the Word, I can accomplish far more than if I alone am a witness in day-to-day contacts. Not that I want to avoid such personal witnessing opportunities when they arise, but now I see a world-wide, multifaceted ministry horizon for me.

Facing the fact that chronologically I'm a senior now, and my body is not up to the rigours of a pioneer missionary roughing it in a foreign land, I feel that the Lord is preparing me for a broader role as a sponsor and funder of these things.

When I turned 65 in 2012 I discovered that I could apply for my CPP Pension, but would not have to give up working. (A change just made by the Canadian government that year). My CPP and OAC, though not as much as others who had paid into it for many years, was going to be just about three times as much as my low missionary support, so I resigned from my title of Missionary at W.T.M. and continued as a volunteer. Not receiving payments through the mission funds meant that I qualified again to be a Board member. Otherwise nothing changed in my work pace at the Mission.

I joke that I'm only a senior when it benefits me, like when I got into a store that offers discounts to seniors.

Writing and publishing of books still calls to me. I have ideas for sequels to my novel and several other book themes, but at present I've set that aside. If the Lord opens that door and re-arranges my schedule so that I have time for it, then I will enter with an eager and bounding step.

Remember, I've already proved that I will do whatever the Lord asks of me - no matter what the personal cost!

However, I've come a long way from daydreaming about meeting and winning souls for Christ. Now I am far more goals-oriented, and know that I can plan to make things happen, but must be sensible enough to realize that many plans only bear fruit slowly. And they count, too!

Mentoring, or counselling and discipling friends, both locally and around the world by email, is my current version of being "Ruth", a compassionate and good friend, or as I used to say when I was younger, a soul-winner. God was more interested in developing me, than in carrying out my daydreams; He'll bring others to Christ through me, but in many more creative ways than I could think up.

My intimate, devotional life with the Lord is still vital, for I know that things don't go so well when I just count on my own strengths. All I think and do and am must still be grounded in a faith that throws myself upon the Lord with an utter abandon.

I'm not prepared to retire and do nothing. I will continue in my current works until I drop in my tracks or until the Lord returns for His Church - glory, hallelujah - I look forward to that! Ah, but in this era of my life the Lord has given me meaningful and productive ministries that are just right for me. I can do them sitting quietly in front of a computer using the knowledge and spiritual maturity that God has brought together through my past experiences.

I am eager and impatient now to see what joys are in store for me when I can be a Giver like God!

My Triumphant Psalm of Devotion and Faith!

I praise You, Lord God, for designing me and planning my family and life. You brought me to Yourself at an early age, and have wooed and won my complete devotion. I long waited for another, thinking that would be Your way of blessing and using me, but You patiently taught me, and waited until I chose to give You my whole heart.

You are my most holy and perfect God, Redeemer, Teacher, Guide, Comforter and Companion. I marvel at the love and tender provisions, and Your precious presence that I experience when I keep my focus on You. You love me better and more than anyone else could! I am weaned of wanting others.

Much as You love me, I know You are ready and eager to love others too. It pleases You greatly if I bring others to repentance, and faith, and fellowship in Christ Jesus. Therefore, I am also passionate about sharing You, dear Jesus, with individuals and groups, and with everyone in every corner of the world! That is why I love missions.

I believe You are eternal, having always existed, always been holy and flawless, and You always will remain. You are the Creator and Founder of the whole universe, and all the universes - if there are more! You are also my Saviour, my Sanctifier, my Healer, and my Soon Coming King! You, O God, have a passion for human souls and long to be in sweet fellowship with each one of us! Everyone throughout the history of time! It boggles my mind, but yes, EVERYONE!

I believe You have a specific plan for my life, and that it is good - the more I see of it, the better I like it! I can trust You with an utter abandon. Even though I should have no home or income, and ill health, I trust You and Your plan to triumph. You WILL carry me through, and bring me to a bright and spacious place! You also fill my lap with good things until it overflows, but all of this is so that I may be Your faithful servant and part of Your Body the Church, and thus working toward Your ultimate goals of saving mankind.

Someday You, Lord Jesus, will personally come to collect Your Bride, according to Jewish custom, and take us to the Father's House for that great wedding feast, and we shall be spotless and without wrinkle or blemish of any kind! Hallelujah! Then I shall truly be Home and be Perfect at last. Amen.

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