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Hunting for Souls in Saskatoon

Chapter 4 - of A Passion for Souls

After high school I got a job at Sasktel as a telephone operator. But because of shift-work, Mom felt I should get a room in the city so I wouldn't be driving home late at night. However, I did sometimes drive around the city late, watching for someone in great need, so that I could live out my high school dreams of being a soul-winner. Only - it never happened.

I was in prayer almost constantly, dumping my feelings and emotions, questions, ideas and daydreams on the Lord by the heaps. I craved to be a soul winner, but I never seemed to be in the right time or place for it to happen.

After a while, when my vivid daydreams didn't come to pass, I felt that the Lord was showing me that they were fodder for a book, if they really happened I'd never have time to write books. So I began to work secretly on a novel - I was afraid of being scoffed at, and feared that would kill my dream. Now I pumped that book full of the experiences that I had thought were going to happen to and through me.

leaving for Ontario  - 4 day drive

On one level, shift-work was ideal for being a writer, but I still felt short-changed in that I was not a soul-winner like I thought I was to be. I still had a passion for souls to be saved, but either I was too shy, or something conspired to keep me from being a soul winner and bringing individuals to faith in Christ.

After four years, when I'd paid off my car, a '69 Nova bought-late-in-season, I decided to cash in my superannuation fund at Sasktel and go east as far as London, Ontario. I had worked my novel over 7 times, and thought it must be ready for publication, but there were no publishers in the Saskatoon phone book. So I decided I had to go east. I had a single aunt, Jean Friesen, living there, and expected all kinds of miracles when I got there.

Again, things didn't happen as I imagined, but some good things started to happen.

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