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There IS Hope - Testimonies

Nine Testimonies from the Life of Arnold Stobbe

1. I Would Like That JOY!
2. Overworked, BUT - God Said...
3. The Burn Patient Who Laughed
4. "Visit in the Hospital? . . . Not Me!"
5. Serve Faithfully - God Can Use You!
6. Our House is on Fire!
7. A New Church in Town
8. Going to Heaven!
9. Working with Western Tract Mission

Testimonies of Hope from Others

A Passion for Souls - by Ruth Marlene Friesen (in 8 chapters)
Forgiven - by Lois Millsap
God is Good to Us! - by Elizabeth Friesen
Glimpses of Growth in a Child of God - by Anna Kroeker
Fong Finds Meaning in Life- by Fong
Depression Washed Away - Songs Came to Stay - (Russell Sherer)
Transcending Fear of Cancer - by (Used in Peace Factor)
Good Bye Bottle - Hello Peace! (Used in Peace Factor)
Does God Care When Dear Ones Die? (Used in Peace Factor)
An Above the Knee Amputee - by John Fehr
Peace of Jesus (Used in Peace Factor)
Darrel's Decision - by Darrel Wiebe
Infertilty and Childlessness - by Phyllis Mouton
Jacey Leans on Jesus in the Lonely Times (Used in Peace Factor)
One is a Whole Number (Marilyn)
Just One Year - by Lisa (Worthington) Thiessen
Finding a Good Church Family (Terry and Denyse Rapsey)
Ed and Mary Schroeder's Tough Love (Ed and Mary Schroeder)
The Protected Motorcycle Enthusiast (Bruce Green)
A Good Heritage from Grandfather - by Roy Hiebert
Stayin' in the Bible - Kenneth's Letters from Prison
God's Touch on Betty - (Betty Wiebe)

Our mission has shared some testimonies of hope in the new booklet we have mailed out to ten cities in Saskatchewan in September of 2007. We have done this to show there definitely IS HOPE in Jesus Christ.

There are, of course, many others who can give testimony that when Jesus came into their lives, they went from despair and hopelessness to a new, vibrant life of hope. Many positive changes came as they learned to walk in a daily way with their Lord and Saviour.

We are setting aside this area of the mission's website to share more of these stories as they come to our attention. Some may end up one day in new editions of our Hope booklet, or in separate tracts. Yet it seems a shame to hold them back for such an indefinite time, so we are publishing them here. You may want to bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

For those who would like to send us their testimony for publication here, we recommend a very simple outline, as suggested by Billy Graham and others. Your testimony does not have to cover your whole life story. To be most effective, it need only answer the following three points;

1. What my life was like before I met Christ.
2. How I met Christ, and how I received Him as my Saviour.
3. What changes have come into my life since I became a believer and follower of Jesus.

Note: where names are in (parenthesis) the testimony is a result of an interview.

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