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Index of Downloads

Downloading Intructions for our 60th Anniversary E-book

(and some other books)

History of Western Tract Mission -
Still Spreading the Word

History of Western Tract Mission - Still Spreading the Word

We are glad to offer you a free digital copy of our 60th Anniversary Edition History of our Mission. It comes complete with photos and because it comes in a PDF (Personal Document File) format, it can be read on your computer, no matter what kind it is, if you have Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat Reader is a Free program on the internet for reading PDF books and documents. Many already have it, but if you don't yet, just click on this link to the Adobe site and download it. It will only take a a few moments.

Or, download this book first, and then get the Acrobat Reader. The place for the Reader is;

Download our History E-book here!

As for paper or printed books, we had funds to print a very limited number for sale for $10 at the Anniversary celebrations March 31 and April 1, 2001. You may contact us to find out if any copies are left. If so, you may order one by regular mail. To inquire please email our Director via our Reach Us form

How to Download

You will find Downloading explained simply and more detail at this page for newcomers to the internet, However, here are a few simple instructions. Downloading is very easy!

1. Click on the underlined link pointed out as the e-book download link.

2. Your computer will pop up a little File Download window asking you if you want to download. (At least that's what it's called on a Windows PC; if you have an Apple it may have another name, but the same function). Make sure there is a dot or check by "save this file to disk," Then click OK.

3. A "Save As" window pops up, and you can go up and down your file ladder to find the folder where you would like to store this e-book. If you have never done this before, may we suggest you create one called Library? Because you will find other free e-books on the internet and you may as well collect them all in one place on your computer. Now click on Open.

4. The downloading starts immediately and you can watch in the next window the speed and time change. Do not be startled if it says at first it will take 30 minutes or more. Once it is downloading the data to your computer it will pick up speed. This particular book in the zip version will take about 7-8 minutes, at the average computer's dial-up speed. If you have a high speed computer, it will be zap, in about a minute!

5. Do not feel you are stuck waiting. Feel free to go visit other pages on our website. That will not affect the download. If the window disappears, and it will when you click somewhere else, you can always, click on the grey File Download button on the Desktop bar at the bottom of your screen to make it pop up again. When it is finished it will disappear.

6. At that time, or whenever... the next day, when it suits you, you can use "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer" to find your Library folder, and the name of the e-book, should show up there. Double click on it. This will bring up your Unzip window. Again, just click Open or Unzip, if you want to keep it there. Otherwise use the Browse button to show it where you do want the .pdf files stored.

7. If Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer, when you click on one of these files with the .pdf ending, Acrobat Reader will be opened up with the book right in it. Use the toolbar buttons in Acrobat to move the pages so you can see and read them all.

Various Versions of this E-book

There are many forms that e-books can take. Often it is a matter of know-how and what software one has access to for creating the different versions. At present we have this history book in;

3 PDF files that are zipped together. Once unzipped you can read the 3 parts with the Acrobat Reader on any kind of computer. This is the link to download;

History of Western Tract Mission - Still Spreading the Word

As for paper or printed books, we had funds to print a very limited number for sale for $10 at the Anniversary celebrations March 31 and April 1, 2001. You may contact us to find out if any copies are left. If so, you may order one by regular mail. To inquire please go to our Contact Us form.

More Free e-books!

There is HOPE

There IS HOPE!

Would you like to read true stories of people who found HOPE? You can! Just open There is HOPE as a PDF file, (remember to right-click if you want to download it), on your computer with a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader, which may be on your computer already.

This is the the booklet that went out in our yearly mailings since 2007, to all of Saskatchewan and parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, then Prince Edward Island, and rural Nova Scotia. Our most recent mailing went to some urban centres in Nova Scotia in November.

You will also find still more testimonies of Hope on this site.

Inner Peace Factor

Inner Peace Factor (new)

Another booklet we send out to areas already covered with the Hope booklet, is Inner Peace Factor. You may read this 16 page booklet in the next few minutes by clicking this link (give it a bit of time as the file is 2.3 MB in size): Inner Peace Factor. If you wish to save it to your computer first, click on the title with the right side of your mouse and click "Save as..." on the little menu and guide it to your desktop or where you put downloaded e-books.

Two other electronic booklets are available. This is an HTML book, and will open like a small website on your computer. Click on and download;
Someone is Calling You

The Choice is Yours
- An excellent booklet showing you plainly how to choose Jesus.

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