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Satan and the Occult - by Bruce Pringle

Satan and the Occult
- Chapter Six

by Bruce Pringle

Magic or Occult Practices

There are many ways that demons can influence or control an individual. Specific ideas will be shared to prove the destructiveness of magic or occult practices. Occult and alcohol and sexual deviations from Biblical principles, can be devastating.

Janet was from a home where a person would expect victory in the life. Her father was a pastor. As a teenager and into young womanhood, Janet was drawn by the supernatural. Mystery and unexplained phenomena intriged her. Occult books and movies began to take their toll as "a presence" would be felt in her room. This counselor knows from many counseling sessions that Satan always comes to collect - the piper must be paid. Janet's husband was a truck driver and often away at night. One night, before retiring, Janet decided on the dress to wear for the next day. Then she went to bed and to sleep. However, later in the night, Janet again sensed "a presence" in the room and was horrified. Morning came with no more undue trouble during the night.

As Janet took the dress from the hanger she noticed with alarm, that the strings on the front of the dress were tied around the nape of the neck of the dress. Quickly the strings were untied. Sleep came with great difficulty the next night as well. Once more "a presence" was felt in the room. Morning finally came and with it some relief. However, upon checking the dress again, Janet found the strings tied even tighter around the neck of the dress. Janet rushed from the bedroom, snatched up a pair of scissors from another room, rushed back into the bedroom and cut off the ties from the dress. How sad this world is becoming because individuals are giving in to occult involvement, instead of fighting our enemy, Satan.

Involvement in the occult has created much sadness, fear and even mental instability on the part of the practitioner. It is an act that is contrary to God's character and His commandments. Philpott states, "Toleration of the occult is useless. Compromise with the occult can be disastrous. Participation in the occult is sin. God has already judged it as such, and regardless of contemporary views of the occult, God's judgment stands." God's denunciation of the occult and those who practiced the sin is clearly stated in God's Word. In order to give the reader a clearer understanding of some of the terms mentioned, the modern equivalent will be placed in brackets. God states to Israel as they proceed to the promised land:

When you are come into the land which the LORD your God gives you, you shall not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire (human sacrifices to Satan), or that uses divination (fortune telling), or an observer of times (soothsayer or horoscope involvement), or an enchanter (magician),or a witch (sorceress),

Or a charmer (hypnotist), or a consulter with familiar spirits (medium possessed with spirit or guide), or a wizard (clairvoyant or psychic), or a necromancer (medium who consults with the dead). For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD your God does drive them out from before you.

The heathen nations around Israel practiced in the occult continually. Baal was the chief god of the occult and Israel was drawn into this worship often as the Old Testament reveals. Israel was given the mandate from God to utterly destroy the nations in close proximity. Why? Because of the evil practice of the occult. If God hates the worship of the occult or of magic so much, is it any wonder that Satan is making an offensive against God today using this evil worship. At the heart of occult practice is Satan worship. Christians today, as God's people, Israel, did thousands of years ago, are allowing themselves to be drawn into and captivated by this abomination. Permit a personal example from this writer.

Speaking in churches, at seminars, retreats and youth rallies are as much of this writer's ministry as counseling in an office setting. Several weekends ago a youth rally was held in a community with young people from several gospel preaching churches attending. God lead this speaker to preach on the influence of the occult. At the close of the service, when a call to admit to occult practices was given, and a call to the renunciation of the involvement, more than three quarters of the youth raised their hands. So far as this speaker knows all of them were Christians, yet ad participated in the occult. Together we renounce the involvement in the occult, and asked for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ. The group of young people was not large in comparison to some rallies, however, this indicates the permeation of Satanic devices within the Christian realm.

Dr. Kurt Koch speaks of the urge that drives people into the occult as being a desire for power, a hunger to know what God knows. "Magic", says Koch, "is the very antithesis of the commandment of God as it reveals a hunger for knowledge and a desire for power in opposition to the will of God." Merril F. Unger, when speaking of a magician states, "He prostitutes God's holy name for an unworthy purpose. God is not a handyman who obeys when the charmer commands."

Koch seems to use the terms magic and occult involvement synonymously at times, at other times he differentiates between the two. The main differentiation comes when relating to the tree kinds of magic: black magic, white magic and neutral magic. Black magic involves the use of bad spirits for evil purposes. White magic involves the use of so-called good spirits for good purposes, even the name of God, the Trinity and Biblical quotations are used to get "good" forces to act. Neutral magic involves neutral forces of nature namely phenomenon such as extrasensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance and meduimistic hypnosis. Regardless of the terms used, white, black or neutral all are against the will of God.

John Wesley White relates that billions of dollars are used annually to get help from horoscopes, mediums, clairvoyants, etc. Forty five percent of Americans attach decision-making significance to astrology, according to the polling of Americans in magazines. In baseball, the Red Sox hired Laurie Cabot to break a ten-game losing streak in 1976. Charlie Finley, the Oakland A's owner, sought help from an astrologer as well. Athletes claim hexes are placed on their team or on their persons by other clubs.

Philpott quoting Arthur Waite describes some of the powers granted through magic states:

Among them are (1) the ability to conjure spirits; (2) the love and compliance of men and women; (3) discovery of all treasures and ensuring their possession; (4) recovery of stolen goods; (5) the power to go invisible; (6) the winning of all games; (7) knowledge; and (8) the power to cause harm or death to animals or men.

People involved in the occult have a number of similar and general characteristics. "The characters of such people", states Koch, "reveal abnormal passions, instability, violent tempers, addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and sexual vices, selfishness, gossiping, egotism, cursing, etc." Any occult activity necessitates in a special way a pact with the kingdom of darkness. Blood pacts and amulet pacts or speaking with the devil in magic or charming seal the fate of the one involved. The story of Saul's visit to the witch of Endor proves this very fact. Saul received his death sentence when he made the pact with Satan through the witch.

Koch puts the responsibility for occult activity solely on the one who works magic. The individual must face God's judgment, or the court of Satan or of the demons. The occultist is answerable to his Creator when led astray by sorcery. The person who gives up God to follow the occult abandons himself. "The occultist who desires to bring under his control the Creator", says Koch, "or even the devil, himself becomes a slave. Occult subjection is complete separation from God. Complete separation from God is dissolution, darkness, chaos."

The preceding section has dealt with the occult and magic which invariably opens up the occultist to demon oppression if not demon possession. Demon oppression and demon possession will be discussed, then a chapter on deliverance will follow.

Go on to Chapter Seven - Demon Oppression and Possession

Or Intro; The Origin of Satan and Demons; The Fall of Satan and Wicked Angels; The Nature of Satan and Demons; The Work of Satan and Demons; How Demons Enter; Magic or Occult Practices; Demon Oppression and Possession; Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?; Is Deliverance From Demons Possible?; Appendix - Operational Definitions;

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