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Sound Doctrine - A Survey of Theological Definitions

Sound Doctrine

A Survey of Theological Definitions

This booklet was originally a Bible correspondence course published by Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. Copyright was transferred to Western Tract Mission Inc., in June 1993.

Although it is written in an old self-study style, it can be adapted to a personal Bible study or preparation for other more in depth studies of the Bible, and could easily be used as an introductory course, when a Sunday School class or a home study group is formed. It is always helpful for every student in the class to be familiar with the same terminology that will be used frequently in a study of sound Bible doctrine for the Christian life.

This booklet briefly goes over nine major doctrinal themes;

There are, of course, more terms and definitions under each of the above.

Even those who have grown up in a church, and feel they are familiar with all such terms, might find it beneficial to find the Scriptural source and true definition of these terms. Loose guesses, or wrong teaching can lead one astray.

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