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From Fright to Freedom

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From Fright to Freedom

Mark ran blindly, unable to see much in the dark, knowing he had to get away - away from that awful feeling which had invaded that old building.

He, the "new kid on the block", had been invited to join the new "fun gang". And the first couple of times together were fun - arm wrestling, boxing, racing, talking, joking, laughing. But tonight turned out different.

"Guess what, guys," announced Kurt, another gang member. "My folks bought me my own cell phone!"

"A cell phone? Hey, neat. My brother gets all kinds of weird stuff on his cell phone. Let's see that!"

And everybody crowded around.

"Oooh, look here!! Neato!! Here's the same stuff he gets. Man, for sure don't anyone tell your parents. We'd be grounded for sure."

Mark began to feel uncomfortable. "Uh, I don't think we should be doing this! A guy told me it's really addicting."

"Nah, don't be chicken. I watch it on my brother's machine and it hasn't hurt me. That guy doesn't know what he's talking about."

Mark tried again. "Hey, whose turn was it on that last game?" No response. An eerie hush descended on the group as screeches, screams, loud music, punctuated with curses emanated from the cell phone. Something had gripped the group. Even though at times he had allowed himself to look at that kind of stuff, what he was seeing and hearing tonight was too frightening.

So he ran from the building. A short distance down the road he was suddenly caught in the glare of headlights rounding the corner. He slipped and fell as he leaped aside. Before Mark could regain his balance, the driver had sprung from his vehicle and helped him to his feet.

"Listen, kid. I nearly ran over you. Who are you?"

A second figure emerged. It was Tyler, another new kid, who hadn't joined the gang. "Oh, hi Mark, this is my dad."

A calmness settled upon Mark. Could he trust them? He had to - so he told them what had happened and accepted the offer of a ride home.

"Ty, I was SO scared! It was freakie!"

"Mark," said Tyler's dad, "what you experienced back there was not from God. He is not the author of fear. And I'm sure it was God who led us to you."

"Know something?" said Tyler. "Before we moved here I got hooked on that stuff. Yeah, talk about freaky."

"Really?" questioned Mark. "And you broke from it? How?"

"I started reading the New Testament I got in school and learned about Jesus who freed me AND my dad and mom."

"Wow! He can do that?? Would He do that for me?"

"Sure," replied Ty. "Jesus said, 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in...'"

The car came to a stop at Mark's house. They bowed their heads and Tyler's dad led Mark in a prayer, asking God's forgiveness and inviting Jesus into his life. And the peace of God filled him. He knew he was done with that "fun club".

"Hey," said Tyler, as Mark alit from the vehicle. "I'm in a Christian skateboarding club. You skateboard!! How about joining us?"

Without hesitation, Mark nodded. He knew a few other fellows he'd invite.

Order this tract now, at $20.00/100 copies (or 200 for $40.00, 500 for $100.00, etc.
- includes shipping)
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