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Issue 2015 #1

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Ruth Wants New Volunteers This Year!

Not that I'm unhappy with my present volunteers, but my work-load increases every time we have another great idea for ministries we can do. I'm facing the fact that I have at least eight roles in this mission, and when I'm busy with one the other roles have to patiently wait their turn. To train others and delegate some of these roles to them would just increase productive ministry all around!

I've prepared some job descriptions and the amount of time each volunteer position might take. If you are interested you may ask to see these - and of course, I'd be delighted if you came to see me and we could talk it over. Beyond that we work out the details of your work according to what is needed and your skills and the time you can give - consider it a gift to the Lord.

Here are a few from my longer list:

A volunteer to learn to do layout for tracts.

An artist/illustrator to design graphics to illustrate the tracts. These graphics will also be used on the website.

Someone to design and administrate the Enrichment Courses Online, which we now want to set up with a new interactive approach. (These courses were formerly the correspondence department of a Bible school.)

A volunteer to write and manage our blogs and bloggers on the Stories & Testimonies section of our website.

Someone with children's ministry experience to add fun and godly activities to the Kids Korner section on the website. (Would need to learn some HTML skills too).

Some computer keyboard typists, to help with the history book project.

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