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Issue 2015 #1

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November Day of Prayer Blessings

On the morning of Saturday, November 8, there was enough fresh snow and cold temperatures to introduce us to this winter's special driving cautions. However, 13 of us made it and most stayed for the whole Day of Prayer.

Matthew Li, a student from China, shared his testimony, and Joe led us in singing some hymns at intervals through the day. Some of the prayers from last year's requests that had been answered through the year were; a new accountant/ auditor, more funds raised for our Impact Canada mailing than ever before, more tracts published than the previous year, 81 more active students in the Mailbox Club.

The cost of printing has come down since we had to order refurbished toner cartridges online.

Ruth was glad for her volunteer Linda Unger, but had a list of other new volunteers needed! The project to get the Enrichment courses online is still ongoing, with potential in a new software for a whole new online course system.

Pizza was ordered in for lunch, so no one had to fast.

We got to know our missionaries better through their full reports; the Harbidges in Alberta, and the Evans in New Mexico, and also our friends at Gospel Echoes, in Warman.

Our WTM building was just taken off real estate listing. We had no offers, so we are now seeking tenants again for the office suite in the front, and the upstairs 3 bedroom apartment.

Of course, we prayed much for the mass mailing of 147,700 copies of There is Hope, to go out on November 18 or 19th . We hope to cover the rest of Nova Scotia within a year from now.

Our booklet with prayer requests is meant to be mostly that, not a full annual report. However, it grew to 52 pages this year, and makes a fine manual for our prayer warrior friends. If you would like to continue to pray for our requests until the next Day of Prayer, just ask us for the most recent Day of Prayer booklet.

James 4:2c says, "Yet, you do not have because you do not ask."

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