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Issue 2015 #1

Table of Contents:

Mail Tray Readings...

Thank you for your recent letter and receipt for 2014.

It is good to hear how the Lord has blessed His Word through the printed page as it has been sent out.

May God continue to bless each one in the Home Office and those who send out tracts. We pray that many more will come to know our Saviour and serve Him.

Enclosed is a gift for the work of Western Tract Mission.

Sincerely, Helen L.

To the hard workers in a mission field. May the Lord bless your hearts as you fulfill the desire of God's will in so many cities and provinces, of individual needs of men and women, boys and girls. As you reach out to them with leaflets, lessons, scripture and prayer, we pray you are rewarded with many blessings and the greatest reward coming in eternity, yet to be fulfilled in that DAY!

New Year
New Name
New Starts
New Life
New Rejoicings

Agnes B.

I enjoyed these lessons! Especially the "Breaking a Bad Habit" and "Attitude" sections.

Tim P.

Dear Friends,
I enjoy the Newsletter every time it comes.

It is amazing to hear how God is continuing to use tracts. My Dad mailed out tracts for many years and that is how I started out.

It is good that I can still help with EMV calls. God bless.

Jenny H.

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