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Issue 2009 #1

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The Importance of Membership with W.T.M.

Legally, Western Tract Mission, Inc., is a non-profit corporation. In ordinary layman's language, it is a group of people who have agreed on a basic charter of purpose. Our official charter says our purpose is to;
- Promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.
- Win unbelievers to Christ.
- Disciple, teach and build up believers.
- Encourage believers to participate in a sound, evangelical church.
- Encourage believers to fulfill the Great Commission.
- Distribute Biblical, evangelical materials to realize these purposes.

Such an organization only exists as long as it has members. The members are people who care about the agreed upon goals. If it has no members it has no entity. Naturally, they have to be organized, and have good leadership, or they will go off in forty directions and accomplish nothing.

This is why the members elect a Board of Directors, who meet on a regular basis to deal with the practical issues of finding and directing staff who will do the day-to-day details, raising funds, and paying bills and sending out the gospel in a methodical way according to the goals.

At regular annual meetings, the members gather to hear the reports of the mission's work from the Board of Directors and the staff, so that they may know whether the goals are being reached. The people they have delegated must answer to the membership because the members are the corporate body of Western Tract Mission, Inc. A good, caring member will pray for the mission often, and support it too, if he or she is able to do so. Of course, then this member will look forward to progress reports whenever they are offered, whether at the annual meeting, where they can be voted on to accept or reject them, or when the regularly published newsletter, Reflections, comes into their home, or when other opportunities arise.

When this mission was formed in 1941, it had 57 charter members, but it grew to over 3000 members by the 1960s. There was much enthusiasm for the work. The Board and staff moved forward and developed a Literature Department to distribute tracts, a Publication department to produce and distribute the tracts, and Bible correspondence courses and other literature for mail order, then they developed a Mailbox Club as a means of follow-up, so that souls saved, of all ages, could also be taught and strengthened in the Word of God. An Ethnic Ministries Department was raised up to reach out to specific people groups in ways they could understand. Representatives of the mission began to travel to spread the word, and encourage more people to become members.

Later Scripture Signs was taken on as a new department so that God's Word could be spread via highway billboards. In 1999 a website was started so that the gospel could be made available at a very minimal cost on the world wide web at

So members are very important. All alone you cannot do very much, but when you become a member of Western Tract Mission you are part of a larger entity that is able to do quite a bit to get the good news of the gospel out to a larger circle than you could ever reach alone.

Many of the original members have passed away in the last few years, and we are looking for new members to join this mission to increase the spiritual power and impact again.

Even though we have willing Board members and missionary staff at the mission, they are the servants of the membership. When we have praying, caring, giving members the mission thrives and grows. Perhaps you have long thought of yourself as a friend of Western Tract Mission, and you may have even attended or taken part in a fund-raiser, but we would invite you to move up a step - become a member!

This is quite easy to do, and does not require a fee. Simply request an application form, fill it out, include your testimony so that we know you are a Christian, and include references to vouch that you are really known as one too. Send this in to the office, and the Board will review it, and send you a certificate and some literature.

Your responsibility will be to attend the annual meeting (if you can), and read the reports. That will help you to pray intelligently for the mission's work. When you are able, you can also send in some financial help to get the gospel out or take part in our fundraising Walkathon, etc., or even volunteer in the office, or on the Board.

On the other hand, we help you be a more effective witness for Christ, by giving you resources to use in personal witnessing, and opportunities to share your testimony for the website. We provide Reflections quarterly and the Praise & Prayer Report monthly, to allow you to pray and be an effective prayer warrior.

We would be happy to get your questions or feedback on things you find in our Reflections issues.

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