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Issue 2009 #1

Table of Contents:

Tract Reviews: Ruby's Question

Ruby's Question - the newly revised, and updated tract

A woman from Ontario called just before Christmas to ask for more copies of the tract, Ruby's Question. I explained that we were just about out of that one, but we had plans to update and reissue it very soon. The woman, who was active in children's ministry, said that she had the most success leading children to receive Christ with this tract, and she would dearly like to order some.

We scrounged around the office and in the basement and sent her the last bundle we had. Now in January it was a priority to get this tract updated.

The content is simply a conversation between a ten-year old girl and her pastor, about knowing for sure how you can be saved, and whether being awfully, awfully good will help you to be saved. When Ruby understood the plan of salvation and that it was a gift from God, she was quite ready to receive it.

The back of the tract has a short prayer that children can use to record the decision to receive the gift of salvation, and if they wish they can write to us for more information or lessons from the Mailbox Club.

Easter Tract - The Importance of the Resurrection

The Necessity of the Resurrection

We need new tracts for special holiday times of the year. We are now working on some Easter tracts and have one ready for you to order as well.

This little tract points out, with Scriptures, why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is absolutely essential to our Christian faith. This would be a good tract to give to those who question the value or validity of Christ's resurrection. By handing that person this tract you can give solid answers that you might not otherwise have at the tip of your tongue.

We are now publishing these tracts in our office and can quickly produce more on short notice. You may freely order them now in any quantity. We would appreciate a donation to cover printing and postage costs of ten cents each.

We would be happy to get your questions or feedback on things you find in our Reflections issues.

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