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Issue 2009 #1

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Mother Eliza Davis George

Mother Eliza Davis George 1879-1979

(a missionary biography)

Eliza was a woman known as God woman by the people she served. As a young child she fell in love with Jesus and was determined to do whatever she felt Jesus wanted her to do. Nothing would deter her, not even the important people in America who represented the mission boards and could have supported her as a missionary to her own people in Africa. When she lost the support of mission boards she raised her own support among individual people who sensed her vision.

Eliza grew up in segregated Texas and came to be known as a woman of faith. She was also a woman of prayer. Whenever an important decision had to be made she spent a good part of her night in prayer.

Once she and two of her orphan boys swam, waded and walked 200 miles along the coast of Liberia to get $200 which had been sent for her support to Monrovia instead of Greenville, where she worked, but when they got there it had been sent back to America. Occasionally some one gave them a ride on a boat across a river.

When her mission board disbanded she met another missionary who convinced her to marry him because that would be the only way she would be able to stay in Africa. She prayed about this and came to the conclusion that God wanted her to marry him. He later died in Africa because he drank too much strong drink but she admitted that she would not have been able to start the mission in the jungle without him. She also won the support of the Liberian government.

She trained many young people and sent some to America for further training but only one came back to continue the work she had nurtured for so many years. By this time she was in her 90's but still went back to supervise the work.

You will find this story in Born to Lose, Bound to Win written by Lorry Lutz and published by Harvest House Publishers.

- Anna Kroeker

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