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Issue 2009 #1

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Mail Tray Readings

mail that comes in

Just recently I had the privilege of leading a dear friend of mine to the Lord through using The Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Although an adult she is now working through the Overcomers Lessons (10-14 age). They are very simple, but excellent for a new believer and will be followed up by the more difficult lessons. They will be a good foundation for further growth.

- Gladys, SK.

My name is Andrew Levandoski, and I am wanting to know if you can or will send me any lists of Bible studies, or if your company has one offered. Also if you can send any copies of interesting tracts and other Christian reading materials. I have newly been saved, and I am now seeking out strengthening materials to bring me closer to God. Yes, I know the Bible is an excellent source, I just would like to hear about other sources as well. Thank you for your time. Please send me something if possible. Thanx.

- Andrew, ON

Herewith a small donation in loving memory of a very dear sister, Helen Marie Peters, who served the Lord so faithfully. I would be happy to be added to your mailing list.
God bless, in Him,

- Reuben, ...

Thank you for the lessons! They are a great help. I am looking forward to the next lessons. I enjoy the Bible verses that help me understand the text of the booklets.

- Leslie, QUE

P.S. I was saved when I was younger but was never a followup. These lessons have really helped me to grow.

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