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Issue 2006 #1

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Paulina Foote (1891-1968)

Missionary Biography
Paulina was born to Henry and Eva (Block) Foote on November 13 , in Kansas, just four days after her oldest sister died.

In the home where she grew up, her family sang a song and read a portion of scripture and prayed twice a day.

Paulina Foote - missionary

When Paulina was still young, her mother died of a broken neck. This left Paulina with four younger siblings to take care of. The youngest two were given to an Aunt and Uncle to care for. Less than a year later, her father married her mother's youngest sister, and four more children joined the family.

At the age of eighteen, she gave her life to the Lord, but did not find real peace until, with the Lord's help, she was able to forgive those who had wronged her.

In 1909, she followed the Lord in baptism and became a member of the Mennonite Brethren Church in Corn, Oklahoma as this was where they were now living. In the book God's Hand Over My Nineteen Years in China, she tells of how she learned to trust God through her experiences in her childhood and teens. After up-grading her education she taught school for four years, with enrollments of 42 to 52 pupils with all eight grades represented.

In her fourth year at Tabor College, after a great struggle, she became convinced that the Lord wanted her to be a missionary in a foreign land because those at home had the opportunity to hear the gospel if they only wanted to hear it. Now she was also convicted that the Lord should call her through man. This the Lord did through the Mennonite Brethren mission board. She was asked to go to China to teach the children of missionaries. After receiving the assurance from the Lord that this was His will for her, she gladly went, even though this was not what she had thought would happen.

Her many adventures, successes, God's leading and protection during WWII and the Japanese invasion, are all described in detail in the above mentioned book.

-Anna Kroeker

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