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Issue 2004 #3

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Ethnic Ministries

Our tracts and Bible lessons are well suited to reaching people from many ethnic backgrounds with the gospel, and teaching them to walk in Christ. Although we printed in other languages in the past, all our material is English now. People from another language and culture find it easy enough to understand. The English is plain and simple.

Over the years we have had Canadian natives, German Mennonites, Hutterites, French Canadians, prisoners, and many others whose ethnic background we might not recognize come to know the Lord through our mission.

Some missionaries to certain people groups, use our tracts and courses in their evangelism work. One tract specially effective with First Nations people is TheDevil's Number 1 Angel.

We encourage you to order some tracts and givethem away to friends and neighbours of other nationalities and languages. Tell them about our correspondence courses too.

Lissa's Teacher PenPal

(a short story)

Lissa's long dark, apron-covered skirt swished about her legs as she hurried with a light and energetic step, to carry the large trays of freshly formed buns over to the side of the room where they were to rise and go into the ovens later. It was her last assigned job for the morning in the community kitchen, where her colony's bread was baked each day.

She wished she was still in school like the younger children. She sighed silently, "I'd love to go to a Bible school. But I can't leave the colony. I am marrying age, and expected to work like an adult."

Lissa tucked a stray hair back under her triangular kerchief, and washed her hands, then hurried outside to cross the yard to where her friend Trudy was looking after the pre-schoolers. Trudy stood up in the sandbox to greet Lissa with a happy hug.

What did you get in the mail you wanted me to see?" begged Lissa.

One little boy in a black suit and hat wanted to get up and wander off. Trudy bent to persuade him to get back to his bridge-building in the sand. Then she stepped out of the box, and stood close beside Lissa as she pulled an envelope out of her deep apron pocket. "I know how much you love learnin' - you would love this Mailbox club, Lissa."

Immediately Lissa had the papers in her hand, and was skimming them quickly. It looked like a thin little booklet with questions and answer spaces. There were some cute drawings too. "Who teaches you the answers?" she asked Trudy earnestly.

"Oh, I look up the Bible passages, and then I fill them in. If you know the Bible stories - (and you know 'em better than me), you'll have no trouble filling them in."

Lissa found herself wanting this. It would help her find answers she didn't have courage to ask the leaders. "How do you know if you got the answers right? Isn't there a teacher?"

"Well," answered Trudy. "I've just started, but we are to send the answer sheets in, and an instructor in Saskatoon marks off the ones I have right and which ones are wrong and explains anything I got wrong."

"You mean, --like having a teacher for a pen pal?" Lissa sounded eager. She had a pen pal when she was 12, but that friend had stopped writing.

Trudy had to pay attention to her little charges, and Lissa had to get on to her next assignment, but Trudy let her have the Contacts part with the address where she could write to Western Tract Mission, and get the first lesson sent to her.

In about ten days she had her lesson, and alone in her room, read the Bible passages and answered the questions. The next morning she mailed her answer sheet, and counted off the days until it came back marked, and with the next lesson.

Lissa fairly flew to find Trudy. "Guess what! I got all the answers right. And my Corrector's name is Tina, and she wrote me a nice, encouraging note! Look!"

A glossy green paper drifted to the ground. Trudy picked it up with a laugh. "See, you got a new tract too."

"Tract? What's that?" Lissa took it hungrily. The Wonderful Grace of God in Bonnie's Life.... She flipped it open, and cried out, "A story of someone who loves God. Oh-h-h! I've got to read it right now!"

Lissa wrote Tina to thank her. Soon their letters and the lessons were back and forth almost weekly. As she had to express in her answers, her grasp of what God had done through Christ Jesus, and how to receive this salvation by faith, Lissa grew confident that this salvation was hers.

She wrote in one of her answers; "The Lord Jesus died for our sins and took them all into the deepest part of the ocean. We can't do it otherwise, but we have to have faith, believe and trust that the Lord Jesus did it for us before our time. And with faith I have accepted Jesus as my Lamb and I really do thank Him for taking my sins away."

When the leaders in her church asked who was ready to be baptized, she knew she was, and joined the group taking that step at Easter. Lissa felt so glad and close to Jesus, and her lessons kept right on coming!

We would be happy to get your questions or feedback on things you find in our Reflections issues.

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