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Issue 2004 #3

Table of Contents:

Two NEW Tract Reviews

The Wonderful Grace of God in Bonnie's Life.

Bonnie tells her own testimony. She was born into a small Manitoba town, one of six children, but she did not feel she had any worth or anything that made her unique and special.

Molested as an early teen, Bonnie became angry and rebellious and started on a life of drugs and immorality. It seemed one crisis just precipitated another and led her into a deeper rage and depression.

But then God! Don't you just love to read testimonies where God steps in and does amazing miracles? Yes, God stepped into her life, and rescued her through a Sunday School bus driver who came to check on her, just when she was about to commit suicide.

This story of hope will touch many a hardened heart who thinks nobody cares about them. It is well-told, and the tract is very attractive with Bonnie's lovely photo on the front. Order a bunch to hand out liberally.

Give Thanks in All Circumstances

This is a Thanksgiving tract, by our own volunteer, Barbara Jenkins, and it is suitable to use all year round too. In it, Barb tells the story of how she learned to give thanks from a book her neighbour gave her, and it led her to commit her life totally to the Lord.

Six months later her commitment to praise the Lord at all times was severely tested in the midst of a major health crisis for their son Jody. At age five he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (cancer of the kidney). Barb came through by committing her son to the Lord, and trusting Him to do what was best.

Are you an anxious person with years of worrying practice to overcome? Do you know the liberation that comes with trusting God, and giving Him thanks no matter what your circumstances? You would be blessed by Barb's testimony and example. She knows it is the only way to cope with life's harsh realities, the only way to have peace that passes all understanding. Order some copies today.

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