Scripture Posters You Make

You may remember seeing a big billboard with a Bible verse on it as you travelled along roads long ago. We used to make them. (see report in Reflections). That is not possible now, but you can still be a Scripture missionary by making nice posters of Bible verses that will encourage someone you know, or else show someone the way to trust in Jesus for salvation, and to become His follower.

Simply draw large, neat letters for the verse on a sheet of paper and colour them with your crayons or markers. Do your very best. Below is an example of a verse you can turn into a poster. Cut it out and colour it, then use it to slip on the pillow of a family member, or give to a friend at school. You may wish to enlarge it first on a photocopier and make several copies.

Here are a few other verses you can look up to use for making posters; John 3:16, Romans 3:23, John 14:6, 1 John 1:9, Acts 4:12, Revelation 3:20, Matthew 11:30, Ephesians 4:10, and Mark 8:35,36.

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