Colouring Pictures

The pictures here are PDF and html files which you may download and print for use with children.

Wisdom Was There at Creation a story with a picture to color.

Bearing Grapes - NOT Raisins (with a writing activity too)

Serve the Lord... (memory verse poster to colour)

Baby Jesus in Manger

Easter picture with a cross and a lily

Queen Esther's Story a series of colouring pictures that you can turn into a booklet.

An Important Message from Jesus (colouring puzzle).

The two colouring pictures in Reflections this summer, "Thankful for Mommy" and "Thank You for my Daddy" come from another website, and we would like to do them the courtesy of a link so you can find them at their original source on - They have many more colouring picture too!

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

colouring picture example 1

colouring picture example 2